Sunday, September 25, 2011

Closing this blog. Starting up another.

I'm sorry to say that I've decided to stop updating this blog. My heart hasn't been in it for a while.
I feel like continuing to post old pictures or to edit an iffy shot from my backlog of pictures would be bullshitting you. I don't want to keep half assing an entry just to say I posted one.

I have enjoyed this blog for the most part because without it, there are a few really good drawings I would never have done. I just feel like a post a day is not a possibility anymore.
When I started this blog, I didn't have a job. No paper route, no nothing. So I had a ton of free time.
While I still have more free time than the average person, I don't feel I have an adequate amount of time to keep up a quality post a day art blog.

I don't get regular hours at my cashier job. I'll work 2-7 one day, then 11am-4:30pm the next, then I'll have a day off, then I'll work 8am-noon, then I'll work 4:30-9:30... So my hours are pretty erratic. Even though my shifts are only 5 and a half hours long at the longest, I'm still getting used to working again. Before I got this cashier job, I hadn't had a legit, paid-by-the-hour job since 2009, and even then I got shit hours. Maybe 4 hours a night three nights a week.

From mid may up until yesterday I had a paper route that I had to wake up at 5am every morning for. That didn't help.

With this being said, I do want to start up a new project blog. A friend of mine from deviantart started up a project where she's going to illustrate every Beatles song. You can find her here:

That gave me an idea. While the Beatles have certainly had their share of influence over the art and music of the past fifty years, they have not lit the proverbial fire under me quite like they have for some. At least... not over time. There was a period of little over a year where I ate, slept, and breathed the Beatles. That time has now passed, and I can appreciate them without an obsession looming over my head.

So I got to thinking. Is there an artist that has had that kind of a lasting influence on me? Yes, there is. His name is Thomas Dolby.
Most of you probably only know "She Blinded Me With Science" and maybe "Hyperactive" if you're an 80s freak, but my first real exposure to him was the music he composed for a short computer animation film called "Gate to the Mind's Eye". My first real exposure to his music were the three songs he composed for the film "FernGully:The Last Rainforest", but I wouldn't connect him with that until years later.

I have decided that for my new project blog, I will illustrate every Thomas Dolby song. I realize it's kind of a lofty goal, but with the things I've learned while posting this blog, I feel I can make it happen.

It will not be a post a day venture. I feel like that will make it easier on me and will allow me to churn out some quality art once in a while instead of a picture from 2007 that you've already seen.
I do want to shoot for a post a week, but that won't be set in stone.

In a way, I feel kind of bad that I wasn't able to keep this up for an entire year, like I set out to do. Back when I started, I didn't know just how difficult it would be to post something brand new every single day. I am not the skull-a-day blogger (I believe his name is Noah Scalin but don't quote me on that). He is a legit amazing artist with far more creativity than I. I dwell mainly in drawing and photography. He is more of a legit multi-media artist.
But I didn't come here to put myself down. Again. I am sorry I wasn't able to keep this going for a full year. I will leave up my previous entries but I will probably not update this particular blog again, except to give you guys the info for my new blog, when I've gotten that all started.

I hope you'll stick with me for that one.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 213/365: New

Poof. Picture I took this summer.

I was trying and trying and fucking trying to think of something to draw for today but I have horrid, horrid art block. I can't think of anything. I was just going to say "fuck it" and post an old, previously published picture, but if there is one theme on this list I shouldn't do that for, it's 'new'.

Tomorrow's theme is nightmares, and considering I work from 11am-4:30pm, you probably won't get shit for that.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 212/365: Neglected.

New picture today. And by new, I mean I took it a couple months ago. I just haven't posted it yet.

It's a piano in a house where like... six people were murdered with an axe.

Tomorrow's theme is "new", so we'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 209-11

I have been terrible about keeping up with this blog lately, and I'm sorry about that. I've been working, and although that hasn't been a terrible amount of hours at a time (4 through 5 and a half), it's going to take some getting used to.

Also, when I do get home, I'm tired and my back hurts, and I just never feel like posting blogs anymore. To once again get caught up I'm going to be using old pictures.
Day 209 was "music", day 210 was "musically inclined" and today is "nature".

I wanted to include this collage because I made it when entirely plastered on cheap wine, but it still looks pretty damn good.

I like this picture but nobody on my deviantart has paid it much attention.

So poof. There you go. If I can drag my butt to blogger for long enough to submit a new entry tomorrow, I should remain caught up. Terribly sorry about this.

Tomorrow's theme is "neglected" which is exactly what this blog has been lately. XD

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 208/365: Music.

Today you're actually getting a new picture. And after this I should actually be caught up. As in... this is today's entry. The one right before this was supposed to have been yesterday's but I got home late and felt like sleeping...instead of staying up to write a blog nobody reads. XD

There was an antique fair in the park one day, and there was a little jukebox thing that I snapped a couple pictures of.

So, yeah. Tomorrow I have to work from 4:30pm-9:30pm. I have a total of  seven days left of delivering the newspaper. I previously thought my last day was a Sunday, but it's not. My last day is a Saturday. Which means that tomorrow I will deliver my last Sunday paper ever. EVER. I'm never, ever getting another paper route as long as I live! Shopper route, maybe, since they're delivered only once a week and you don't have to get up ungodly early to do it, but I'll never deliver newspapers again. It's only fun for the first like... month. Then it starts getting on your nerves.

Anyhoo. I have other various internety things I want to do so I'll stop rambling now.

Day 207/365: Murderer

Because I'm so behind, I'm going to use old pictures to help get caught up. The next entry should actually be today's entry, and then I should be all caught up. XD
I'm using the keyword "dead" because... I can't say I do a lot of gore art, or art involving murderers... so I didn't have much to go on. I would have posted something new if I were actually caught up.

Some roses hung up to dry at my old workplace.

I'm fairly sure you've already seen this picture, but I like it a lot. And it illustrates my feelings right now. I like fall and the holiday season (although I work retail now, so that could change) but I'm never quite ready for summer to end.

A shot of a door in our house. I messed about with it a little but I didn't do much.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 206/365: Mother.

Again, a late entry. But I can't say I give a crap. Sleep is more important to me than a stupid blog nobody reads. Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed posting things for this blog, but when each post has a grand total of 4 views, and two of them are mine... there isn't much motivation to keep posting.

Anyway, today we have for you a selection of pictures of my mother. There may be some of them that you haven't seen but I'm not sure.

I know you just saw this one, but that is my mother in the picture.

This is my mother's hat that she wore when she chaperoned on the school trip to France.

I probably do not need to tell you that this is not my picture. Since, you know, I'm in it. If you're not sure which one I am, look for the fattest arm. I'm attached to that arm.

My parents acting like statues.

This shot was the funnier of the two.

My mother not paying attention in the coffee shop. My favorite coffee shop ever, which is Java Joe's in Des Moines, IA. GO THERE NOW.I COMMAND YOU. AND BRING ME BACK SOMETHING. A RASPBERRY CHAI TEA LATTE, PLEASE

But... yeah. Technically yesterday's entry. You'll get today's probably... tonight. I work from 2pm until 7 and probably won't get home until closer to 8.